Portable HSM
Self-Custody turned into Safe Custody


A tangible wallet for your client’s digital assets

As the trend towards digitization accelerates and an increasing number of securities migrate onto blockchains, professional and institutional investors need simple tools to manage their assets.

Freeports’ custody solution allows institutions to securely store digital assets and accurately report them within banking statements.


Defeating callback fraud

Tech-averse investors can initiate a transfer through a simple email instruction, similar to traditional Private Bank practices. Call-back verification is ensured through dual-layer authentication, as the hand-held device is used to certify a transaction and cryptographically sign its execution on-chain.

Simply put, verifying a transfer is now as easy as typing a pin without compromising your security.


Grant your loved ones access to your assets

Our HSM technology facilitates shared management of collective assets with a flexible governance system allowing clients to handout multi-signature access to their digital assets.

The potential use cases are far reaching and include:

  • Planning succession and digital inheritance
  • Granting partner (controlled) access to a patrimonial estate
  • Assigning and administering director signatures within corporate structures remotely

Access your funds at all times

It is widely accepted that 3-4 million Bitcoins have been lost over the years, either due to inexperience in the early days of Bitcoin or as a result of user negligence. These assets may never be recovered.

Securing digital assets has always been a tedious and difficult task which, to a certain extent, has been a major obstacle in the mainstream adoption of digital assets.

Should your client’s wallet get lost, Freeports provide a back-up as a service solution to collectively retrieve the funds.


Insure your funds

The Freeports HSM-device benefits from an optional and unique insurance framework, being one of the very few insured digital custody solutions in the industry.

With Axa as a main shareholder of Hub Security, our exclusive HSM partner, Freeports benefits from an exclusive insurance policy on up to $ 400 million worth of assets.

Smart. Secure. Simple

Create your own rules


Military-grade security

The Freeports Vault is an online key-management, hardware solution that ensures the safety of your private keys whilst enforcing signature policies, allowing authorized users to securely sign transactions using the mini-HSM device.

Our vault is a technological masterpiece, which supports major blockchains including:

BTC and forks, ETH, ERC20, EOS, Tokenized securities.


Most sophisticated custody management engine ever built

Together the Vault and HSM Device give companies the ability to customize their governance policies. This make everyday administrative processes such as creating new accounts or adding users to existing accounts a quick and easy task. A quorum of organization managers can be given the permission to change or delete policies, preventing any individual malicious behaviour.


Apply an array of rules and enforceable policies

Below, a non-exhaustive list of rules that can be applied to the Vault:

  • Minimum and/or maximum amount authorized in a single transaction
  • Whitelist and/or Blacklist containment
  • Number of transactions set per day/hour/min/sec
  • Nominal amount of assets sent controlled per day/hour/min/sec
  • Time limited transactions. i.e. could be allowed from 8:00 to 17:00 on day-works only
  • Delayed execution processing by day/hour/min/sec, allowing for potential cancellation by a quorum of account managers
  • Final approval – designating a specific user to approve transactions before the Vault can execute
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