Primary Market
The first all-encompassing digital issuance platform

Compliant Securitization

Setting the standard for security tokens

Freeports issuance-as-a-service framework enables easy and fast configuration, deployment, minting and distribution of compliant security tokens. It also provides issuers, investors and oracles with the ability to visualize and manage data through dApps, dedicated dashboards and APIs.

Governance and token transfer rules are implemented at smart-contract level through an on-chain compliance-layer, in line with Swiss regulations. Moreover holders are pseudonymously registered on an on-chain dedicated distributed ledger. Freeports compliant tokens are based on Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA) standards, one of the most sophisticated digital asset guidelines to date.

Thanks to the digital paradigm shift, corporate entities can easily issue shares or tokenized debt in a cost-efficient way. Start-ups can securitize stock-option plans for their employees or start a crowdfunding campaign.

Finally, banks and hedge funds can port their flagship financial instruments to the blockchain to open up to new classes of investors.