Secondary Market
Sourcing institutional liquidity

Blending CeFi with DeFi

Compliant bulletin-board market infrastructure

The platform integrates traditional exchange components, like OTC desks, with modern decentralized finance (DeFi) tools. The system complies with MiFid regulations to ensure best-execution practices via a smart-routing matching engine.

Freeports has secured a strategic partnership with Bancor, a world-renowned decentralized exchange and pioneers of automated market-makers. Freeports exclusively shares IP with the Bprotocol Foundation to offer to the enterprise market the first compliant trading venue for digital securities.

Banks can finally leverage a sophisticated rule engine to prevent their clients from trading with sanctioned entities or counterparties operating from restricted or embargoed countries.

Markets such as the infamously illiquid hedge fund industry may forever be disrupted by this new stream of liquidity.